What if the answer to finding more joy, fulfillment and peace in your life wasn't found outside of yourself?

What if everything you needed to create the change you're craving was already within you? 


Finding your passion and true potential isn't about looking outside of yourself for the answers, it's about going inward. 

It's about pushing past the fear, insecurities and self-doubt that keep you small.

It's choosing to listen to the inner voice of love instead of all the voices that tell you that you're not enough. 

Because the truth is that life has bigger plans and dreams for you than you could have ever imagined. Fulfillment is found by listening to that still small voice within and allowing it to lead the way. 



The Peaceful Woman Practice

Hey There, I'm Maryska.

I created this online course to help you own your power and to transform your life. Click on the video below to learn more. 



  • You're craving change in your life but don't know how to make it happen. You want greater health and wellbeing but are feeling stuck and need some guidance on how to step into your power to create the change you long for. 
  • You aspire to greater meaning and purpose but are feeling lost and discouraged. Because let's be honest, what we all really desire is to go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary and express our true selves, find our bliss and know that we're enough. 
  • You desire a deeper more meaningful connection with yourself and others. You feel disconnected from yourself but want to learn how to recognize and trust your own inner wisdom and strengthen your intuition. 

"Dr. Taylor has helped me a lot to maintain a more holistic and balanced life. I still maintain many of her tips today. What I like about working with Maryska is that she truly focuses on the whole person: mind, body and soul. Her methods are truly holistic helping us to utilize the resources naturally within ourselves, helping us to be more in tune to when our body speaks and to listen to our soul. The solution to healing is not in a pill but is within. Dr. Taylor helped me to get in tune with myself to be able to live and optimize the full version of me."



I created the course to be 4 modules delivered through 6 engaging teaching videos and accompanying handouts.

I've included other tools to enrich your experience such as meditation, journalling templates and exercises to increase self-awareness, self-compassion and self-confidence. 

I hear you! I've designed this course so there is no time limit or deadlines. The course content is delivered via video and short worksheets in small manageable chunks so you can easily work your way through the course at your own pace. You can breeze through it in one day or slowly digest it at your leisure. 

You have access to the course for its lifetime and can access the material whenever you like. That's right! This includes every updated version for the lifetime of the course. Once you're in, you're in and are invited to join the discussion and re-visit the material whenever you like.

I hope you do as I love interacting with participants through the comments section in each module. Though the work is done individually, you are not alone in the process and are invited to reach out with any questions.

No, not at all. The course is holistic and spiritual in nature and inclusive in its language. All are welcome.

No worries! Reach out to me here

" I started seeing Dr. Taylor when I thought I was at a point where my health was recovering, but through our work together I realized that what I thought was health was only skimming the surface of true wellbeing. Our work together has helped me to understand I had been surviving, rather than thriving. She’s helped me to understand and celebrate my own worth and beauty from within. Not only have my personal relationships evolved, but my physical health has improved beyond anything I could have imagined. Dr Taylor has many incredible tools to help people to help themselves, but the most valuable one is her incredible empathy. "


"My relationship with Dr. Maryska began with naturopathic treatments to get my health in balance. It was my good fortune that while treating my physical concerns Maryska began to treat my whole “self”. With her gentle guidance and intuitive questions I began a soul-searching quest to bring balance to my spiritual, mental and my physical well-being. Maryska offered a non-judgemental and caring path to follow and I am forever grateful."


We're all on a journey of becoming...

This course empowers you for the adventure. 

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