A monthly membership community
focused on holistic and doable self-care solutions, feminine energy, intuition, and body wisdom.
A monthly membership community
focused on holistic and doable self-care solutions, feminine energy, intuition, and body wisdom.

You just wish you could get past all that’s been holding you back.



Does this sound like you?

  • Your body is shouting at you — your stomach is in knots, you have trouble sleeping, and you’re snapping at your family. 

  • You’re stretched so thin that even your fitness tracker tells you how tired you are and reminds you you’re not getting your steps in — you’re ready to chuck that thing out the window.

  • You’ve tried all the diets — vegan, paleo, keto, and they seem to work in the beginning, but you start to feel like crap or can’t keep up and end up quitting.

  • You’ve tried dozens of times to stick to a healthy routine; eating right, and exercising, but the habits never stick, and you’re left feeling defeated.

  • You feel disconnected and haven’t felt like yourself in years.

  • You spend your days running from one thing to the next and there’s never any time left for you even to catch your breath.

There's got to be another way.

Even if you’ve tried it all before.

You have a vision of where you want to go in your mind, but aren’t sure how to get there on your own.

You’re losing hope that you can have the life and vibrant health you long for.

You wish someone would come along and tell you how to make your healthy habits stick (and not suck).

You've tried doing all the things and you're inconsistent.
But there's hope... 

The Nest can help by empowering you to create consistent health habits, and a doable wellness routine.

your life looks like this:

You have a self-care routine that feels easy and effortless because it’s based on your real-life circumstances.


You’re choosing the right foods for your body and you feel good in your skin again.


You know exactly what to whip up for dinner each night and you know how to move your body each day — you even have extra time to yourself.


You’re in sync with your body’s natural rhythm and living in flow with your biochemistry — and it feels so good.


You feel confident navigating your relationships with a balance of giving and receiving.

You feel a sense of inner calm and joy - more than you have in years!



you’ve said goodbye to overwhelm and finally have a practical plan.


You have complete faith in your body’s ability to heal and know exactly what to do to create vibrant, lasting health. Even better — you’re actually doing it.

You’ve done the work and now know what works for your unique body and have the tools to serve your well-being for life.

Maintaining a healthy weight feels effortless now because your hormones are balanced and you know how to nourish your body with the right foods for you and your cycle.

This is totally possible.

The Nest is a monthly membership community focused on supporting you with holistic and doable self-care solutions, feminine energy, intuition, and body wisdom. 

Hi there,

I’m Dr. Maryska Taylor, ND — but you can call me Maryska. I help women go from being burnt out, struggling with illness, putting their needs last to being deeply connected and caring for themselves, tending to their greater healing and purpose. 

I know this journey intimately because I’ve lived it and continue to live it every day. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in medical school,  13 years of postsecondary education, private practice, experience as a pastor, and my self-healing journey and poured it into The Nest.

My signature healing methodology, The Art of Living, serves as the divine backbone of this membership community. Not only do I walk you through the life-changing methods I’ve used myself and with hundreds of patients, but I help you apply all the teachings directly to your life to get the results you desire. You’ll finally experience the changes you crave. 

And because the membership includes a LIVE monthly group coaching call, I’m here to help you along the journey. If you get stuck, I’ll coach you with my tools and experience to solve your problems and help you create the transformation you want.

If you’re looking to live a vibrant life, you probably already know that healthy food, better sleep, exercise, and reducing stress are key to improving your health.

consistency, knowing what’s right for YOU, and getting past overwhelm.


The Nest will nurture you so that:


  • You’re looking after yourself in a whole new way and feel in control of your daily schedule. 

  • You feel a newfound freedom with both food and exercise — you know what works for you and nourishes your body.

  • You have a treasure trove of body, mind, and spirit resources at your fingertips that actually work (and you love them all!)

  • You have solid boundaries in your relationships, aren’t afraid of saying no, and are even asking for help when you need it.

  • You feel deeply connected and grounded within yourself and have found more joy and meaning.

Here’s what you get each month inside  

Monthly Goddess Wisdom Masterclasses

Each month, you’ll receive a 30 to 60-minute lesson from me. Sometimes I’ll bring in a hand-selected group of experts. In these lessons, we’ll go deep. I’m distilling all my knowledge of both ancient healing modalities and modern medicine and bringing it to you in practical ways. With this knowledge, you’ll be empowered to make better choices for yourself.

Monthly LIVE coaching calls

Every month, you’ll get to join a LIVE 60-minute coaching call, where you’ll get answers to your questions. This is also key for hearing where others are struggling — you’ll have lots of ideas to take action on and apply to your life right away.

Life-changing tools & materials

You’ll have exclusive access to the time-tested, proven tools I use on myself and patients to create real and lasting health changes. And even better, I’m there to answer your questions along the way.

Empowering lifestyle recommendations

When you work with soul-led healing, you’re going to uncover easy lifestyle tweaks you’ve never seen before. You’ll take your new knowledge and know exactly how to apply it to your unique needs. There’s no one-size fits-all advice here.


Never stay stuck again. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice LIVE in real-time — both in our Q&A sessions and inside the private Facebook community.

Access to a supportive and safe community

We’re designed to learn and grow in community. You’ll have access to a big-hearted community of fellow Nesters to share ideas, wins, and ask questions. You can go far alone, but you’ll go so much farther with the community.

A whole new way of viewing your health and well-being

Welcome to the fully aligned, in tune version of your soul-led well-being. You have the best medicine inside you, and I’m here to help you tap into it and see what’s possible.

Meditations, mantras, and more

You’ll get specially curated meditations, mantras, and more designed to help you unlock your intuition and feminine wisdom. One of the first steps to self-empowerment is cultivating awareness, and the meditations inside this program are the perfect tools to help guide you on your journey.

Healthy whole food meal plans

No more guesswork! I’ll recommend and support you in designing a healthy, whole food meal plan that works for YOU. Each month you’ll receive new recipes to build an ever-growing library of go-to healthy recipes you love.

Exclusive Bonus


1-hour personal session with me.

You'll get one-on-one attention, lifestyle counselling and personalized tools including a customized meal plan accompanied with printable grocery list and recipes.

Don't miss out

Topics We’ll Cover Over The Next 12 Months


Health goes beyond the physical. You’ll learn a new holistic health model and the secrets to build and maintain resiliency in mind, body, and spirit. 

Living Cyclically 

Learn what it means to live in sync with both your 24-hour and 28-day cycles and how doing so will make everything else you do feel easier.

Energy Management

You’ll learn how to take back your power and manage your true currency; your time, energy, and attention.

Intuitive Eating

We’ll dive into the concept of intuitive eating, how to optimize your nutrition at different parts of your cycle, and how to know what truly works for you.

Inner Fire

You’ll learn how to invigorate positive emotions such as hope, joy and bliss, strengthening your life force and well-being.


You’ll learn how to navigate difficult relationships and how to find the balance of giving and receiving, and the power of a simple word, “No.”

Mindful Movement

Learn how to exercise in sync with your biorhythms, balance hormones, improve energy, and increase your metabolism. Finally, an intuitive movement practice.

Spiritual Practice

Discover how to create one and why it’s the backbone of your health and well-being, fuelling your vitality and intuition.


Learn how to navigate common sleep struggles and understand the importance of rest and how it sets the stage for everything.

Soul Growth

Life will always give us challenges. Learn the 3 things you need to navigate Soul growth so you can make the most of every bump in the road.


We’ll dive deep into the discussion of finding greater meaning in your life, Soul purpose, and how to live your truth.


Emotions are powerful. You’ll learn how to navigate difficult emotions and free yourself of self-limiting beliefs and patterns.

Of course you are!




  • Monthly Goddess Wisdom Masterclass
  • Monthly 1-Hour LIVE Group Coaching Call
  • Healthy whole food plans & recipes
  • Supportive community
  • Meditations, mantras and more!
  • Most flexible 




  • Monthly Goddess Wisdom Masterclass
  • Monthly 1-Hour LIVE Group Coaching Call
  • Healthy whole food plans & recipes
  • Supportive community
  • Meditations, mantras and more!
  • Best value - two months free

Need help enrolling or have more questions? Get in touch. I'm happy to help!

[email protected]



Questions people asked before saying “YES!” to The Nest


Still have questions? Get in touch. I'm happy to help!

[email protected]

“I started seeing Dr. Taylor a few years ago and she has helped me a lot to maintain a more holistic and balanced life. I still maintain many of her tips today. What I liked about working with Maryska is she truly focuses on the whole being we are. Mind, body and soul. Her methods are truly holistic helping us to utilize the resources naturally within our bodies, helping us to be more in-tune when our body speaks and to listen to our soul. The solution to healing is not in a pill but it is within. Dr. Taylor helped me to get in-tune with myself to be able to hear my own inner voice and live an optimized full version of me.”  - Shakira

“I've never felt so cared for by a medical professional before. Not only was Dr. Taylor extremely knowledgeable about natural healing practices, but she also acted as a spiritual guide.

Going to see her was like a tune-up of my soul. I always left my time with her feeling better about myself, more connected to my being and overall happiness.” - Alex


“My relationship with Dr. Maryska began with naturopathic treatments to get my health in balance. It was my good fortune that while treating my physical concerns Maryska began to treat my whole “self”.

With her gentle guidance and intuitive questions, I began a soul-searching quest to bring balance to my spiritual, mental and my physical well-being. Maryska offered a non-judgemental and caring path to follow and I am forever grateful.” - Anna 

“I had always wanted to work with a Naturopathic Doctor, and yet also had my reservations and fears. The moment I found Maryska, they immediately melted away ~ and I haven’t looked back since. But I have to say her ND expertise doesn’t even begin to describe her brilliance. She is so real, makes you feel so at ease, and is always completely present. Working with her not only was I cured naturally of various ailments I’ve been struggling with for YEARS, she saw me as a whole person and spiritual being. She knew what I needed and is so committed to helping me step into my most vibrant, healthiest, authentic self. And moreover, she wants me to shine, and sees what’s possible beyond even what I can see.”  - Carol

“I’ll never forget that first appointment with Dr. Taylor, I had never felt empathy like that before. The appointment felt like I was in a safe place, and every appointment since that feeling has only strengthened. I started seeing her when I thought I was at a point where my health was recovering, but through our work together I realized that what I thought was health was only skimming the surface of true well-being.

Our work together has helped me to understand I had been surviving, rather than thriving. She’s helped me to understand and celebrate my own worth and beauty from within. Not only have my personal relationships evolved, but my physical health has improved beyond anything I could have imagined. Amongst other issues, I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) as a teenager and had always been told I’d never have a regular cycle.

Now I’m happy to say that I am regular, and in a bit more time I’m hoping to start trying for a family. Dr Taylor has many incredible tools to help people to help themselves, but the most valuable one is her incredible empathy.” - Carolynn

The Nest is here to support and hold you as you find your way back to joy and vibrancy. It's time to heal, find solace and build resiliency.